2018 HCON — Through the Eyes of Three Generations

Region 18 Division 22 HCON Happily Ever After was held March 9-11 at the Maui Beach Hotel. Here are reviews from Waipahu Senior Angela, faculty Advisor Jackie Meggs, and Kiwanis Advisor Carol Smith.

Angela, Waipahu Key Club senior: March 9-11, 2018, our Waipahu key club went to Maui for our yearly Hawaii convention. This is my last HCON after four years in Key Club. I am truly going to miss the spirit, energy, and love the club has brought to my life. The first day we got to Maui, the island was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining and everyone was happy. That night, we had our traditional talent show. I am so proud of our club and what we presented. The second day was full of competitions— oratory, quiz bowl, and impromptu essay. Then we walked to the mall for a Literacy Fair service project. Waipahu did a Disney bingo. It was so much fun seeing the kids smile and laugh. That evening was the LTG Ball.

The final day of HCON was busy with a Division council meeting, slideshow presentation, our LTG speeches, and then it was time to go home. The HCON weekend was filled with laughter, smiles, and spirit. Key Club is not just about meeting new people. It’s about the happiness of serving our home, school, and community. This is definitely one for the books, and my happily ever after.

Jackie Meggs, faculty advisor: This March I had the privilege of being a faculty chaperone for Key Club students at Waipahu High school. I was involved in KIWIN’S when I was in high school in California. Being a part of KIWIN’S was some of my fondest memories because the community service we did together and the District convention sealed those bonds made in service to others. I loved witnessing the students entering competitions and attending the student-directed seminars. From the smallest details to the heartfelt speeches delivered by the lieutenant governors, the entire convention was well-thought out and inspiring. I was fortunate enough to chaperone alongside Carol Smith. From the very start, her charming and kind personality guided me and my students through the convention. It was wonderful for me personally to see the students, faculty advisors, and Kiwanis members coming together. I am grateful to have been a part of this experience with my students and look forward to continuing to be involved with this positive organization.

Carol Smith, Kiwanis Advisor: It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to attend Hawaii Key Club Conventions and this year was no exception. It was obvious that the three Division Lt. Governors worked together to create an outstanding weekend by combining fun, information, opportunities, service, surprises, and an overall atmosphere of success. The three meeting sessions were well planned and interesting. The service project, Literacy Fair, at the mall, was fun for the keiki as well as the Key Clubbers. As for the dance … it was so loud!!!

There were over 300 attendees, which included Cali-Nev-Haw Key Club Governor Angelica Garcia and Kiwanis District Governor Joni Akerman and First Dude Greg Ronkainen.

Over the years of being a Kiwanian I have had different titles at different times; however, the most important one to me is Kiwanis Key Club Advisor. I am very proud to have the privilege to be the Kiwanis Advisor for Waipahu High School Key Club. By the way, the Waipahu Key Club is in its 11th year and during that time have had three (3) LTGs. The most recent is Keith, who is retiring in April. In addition to having wonderful and fantastic student leaders, there are two young awesome teachers who give their time, Tessie and Jackie.

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