The Kiwanis Club of the Valley Isle and its partners celebrated the Keiki on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The Keiki Fest is an annual Kiwanis One Day event, celebrating the “Month of the Young Child,” held at the Great Lawn of the University of Hawaii-Maui College. This highly successful Keiki Fest offered a fun, educational, and family-friendly community event that drew people from all over the island. This event promotes a positive, safe and healthy environment for Maui’s Keiki. It is a fun-filled family event with FREE games, prizes, Keiki I.D., jumping castles, children’s activities and entertainment. Low cost food was available for purchase and there were lots of vendors with Keiki related items and many non-profit organizations. Selected children had the opportunity to participate in the Bike Safety program to learn and practice safe bicycling skills ending with a drawing for free bikes for the participants.
This fundraiser is in partnership with the 4-H Clubs of Maui, County of Maui-Department of Parks and Recreation, Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui, and the University of Hawaii—Maui College, with support from many Maui businesses.
Great job, Valley Isle Kiwanians, Co-Chairs Jan Shishido and Shari Yamamoto, Vanessa, Marc, Region 18 Trustee John Buck, Lt. Gov. Roy and Audrey Kagawa, and all the other Maui Kiwanis clubs and SLPs that were involved!


T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K! WOW!!


Region 18 Trustee John Buck’s April Message

John L. Buck III

Aloha, Division 22 Kiwanians:
If you were not on Maui for the Key Club Annual HCON, you missed a wonderful event. The Service Project at Queen Kaahumanu Center was a big hit with the public. Those who were there, had a lot of fun and an excellent learning experience for the participants from the public.

On Saturday night, while the dance was going on, we held our Regional Training Conference and Regional Election Conference. During the Regional Training Conference, our District Governor Joni Ackerman did say a few words of her goals and the importance of recruiting new members. For our future leaders, it is important that our clubs continue to support our SLPs and continue to service our community.

Also at the RTC along with recruiting new members, it was stressed the importance of why someone would leave our organization. We need to find ways to keep our members, be it through service projects or other projects or programs that will keep them excited about our organization.

Division 22 should be proud of their efforts in recruiting new members. We have had new members join our ranks. With our new members, we now have additional hands to assist in our efforts to serving our children and community. I personally thank each and every one of you for your efforts.


Richard Minatoya

Following the Regional Training Conference, we held our Regional Election
Conference. This happens every three (3) years. Since I am in my third year of my
term as your Region 18 Trustee, we needed to elect a new Trustee to replace me.
Richard Minatoya was elected as your new Trustee for the 2018-2021 term. He
will be installed during the District Convention in August.


I know Richard will do an excellent job, for he has been a true Kiwanian. He became a member of the Kiwanis family when he became a member of the Key Club while in high school. I ask that everyone give Richard their support. I want to thank everyone for their support these last three (3) years.

This year’s District Convention will be held on the Big Island, in Kona. If possible, I would like to see as many Kiwanis members from Division 22 as possible. I would like to see a good showing from our Division, since the convention is in our Division. I would be nice to have our new Trustee Richard and our new Lt. Governor Greg have a good contingency cheering them on at the installation of officers.

One of the projects I was involved in recently, I was part of the judging committee to determine which Signature Service project that would represent the California-Nevada-Hawaii District. I will tell you it was a tough job, for we have a lot of good service projects throughout our District and also here at home in Hawaii. (see attachment) The winning project that will be our District’s entry to the Signature Project International Competition. Kiwanis Club of Los Altos’ Kiwanis Special Games was the winning District project. It is an annual celebration attracting participation of over 45 Kiwanians. This field day of athletic events has 18 vents tailored to fit the abilities of all athletes, ranging from the 100 yard dash, bean bag toss on the popular obstacle course. There are over 900 athletes participate and they are celebrating their 40th year. I will be submitting a list of all the entries.

I hope to see all of you at the convention in August. It will be a great event and lots of fun. Thank you for support these last three years as your Trustee and thank you for all you do as a Kiwanis’ member.

LTG Roy Kagawa’s April Message

Hi and aloha, members,
All Kiwanis clubs should be getting their slate for officers for the 2018-2019 administrative year done soon. The incoming officers list will be due to KI in May. Good luck in finding officers, for most clubs, they must be asked, for they won’t say “I will.”
Maui Keiki Fest — WOW, is all I can say. It was done with a lot of sweat and was a very organized project. I noticed they teamed up with the Maui and Kahului Kiwanis clubs, and together they had volunteers for all areas. They net about $3000, which they turn into scholarships to various organizations. I would like to congratulate the Valley Isle club for a job well done, and Audrey and I were there to witness all the hard work that needed to be done. If any other club members from the other islands happen to be in Maui on April 13, 2019, please consider stopping by and give a hand to these hard working Kiwanians!
Audrey and I will be going to the Kiwanis International Convention in Las Vegas. If you want to join us, John Buck, and Richard Minatoya, the convention is on June 28-30. The host hotels are the Paris and Bally’s.
If you have a signature project, let me know.
“Much mahalo for service”
Roy Kagawa, LtG. 2017-2018
219 Kanoelani St., Hilo, HI 96720 Phone (808) 959-8358 E-Mail:

Recognition of Service and Leadership Transition

Division 22 Komohana held their monthly DCM and Year-End Celebration on Sat, April 28 at the Jikoen Hongwanji Temple. Castle, Damien, Kailua, Mililani, Pearl City and Waipahu were present.

2018-19 LTG Halia called her first DCM to order at 5:26pm. She reviewed service hours and membership for last year, Division fundraiser goals for the new year, Spotlight on Service themes for April and May.

She announced election results from DCON:
CNH Treasurer: Kara Yoshiyama (Hilo)
CNH Secretary: Zoe Yao CNH
Governor: Jonathan Lum

LTG Halia announced Komohana April recognition:
Club of the Month: Kailua
Member of the Month: Zoe Hamada, Damien
Officer of the Month: Caid Aquino, Sec, Kailua

LTG Halia is looking for fill her division leadership team with two executive assistants, one division newsletter editor, and one technology coordinator. Anyone interested should complete the Application and Agreement to Serve.

Immediate Past Komohana LTG Keith presented awards that were given out at the 2018 DCON in Nevada. Congratulations to all NINE Komohana Key Clubs on your commitment to building your home, school, and community.
LTG Keith thanked her 2018-19 Division Leadership Team (Lina, Halia, Keith, Rhesel) for making the year a distinguished one.

All nine Komohana Key Clubs received certificates and banner patches for various annual awards such as member retention, membership growth, 100% on-time MRF submission, etc.



Joel Tabangcura did a BANG up job as advisor that he received the Division 22 Advisor of the Year Award. He proudly wore his medallion. Congrats Joel.





*** A first for Division 22 ***
Congratulations to THREE Distinguished 2017-18 LTGs Keith(K), Erica(H), Kara(M)

USS Missouri with Mililani Key Club

The Mililani Key Club joined us for our monthly workday on board the USS Missouri. It was a busy day on Ford Island with a huge garage sale, several ships anchored in the harbor, and ceremony on the fantail of the Mighty Mo. We were able to cut, drill, sand, stamp, varnish, and adorn teak bookmarks. The Kapolei Rotary was also on board and want to do bookmarks for their next service project. Left, Past LTG Neil Yamamoto was sharing memories of his high school education with Mililani key clubbers— Boreas, Stephanie, Lina, and Cassidy.

Why Volunteer?

Aladdin Roque-Dangaran

This semester at the University of Hawaii at Manoa I decided to take a course in Developmental Psychology. In this class we have learned not only the different theories of how our minds develop from an infant to an adult but also how we learn (and how we best learn) during each stage of our lives. One of the readings that I read talked about how our social and emotional mindsets change as we get older[1]. And in this article, one of the interesting findings was that “older people who engage in volunteer activities that are either socially or mentally demanding also perform better on cognitive tasks than do older adults engaged in solitary activities with low cognitive demands”[1]. And I don’t have to tell you that the members of Kiwanis are some of the most active people you will ever meet. During my time in Circle K International at Washington State University I was invited to go to the Kiwanis Club of Pullman’s weekly meetings. And I believe that, at that time, their oldest member was about 95 years old! And when she spoke and you talked with her, she was still pretty sharp! Every member of Kiwanis is goal driven towards the well-being of others. And this type of mindset, combined with being active in the community and a leader to our Student Leadership Programs, can help to keep our mind ‘all there’ as we begin to age.

[1] Charles, S. T. and Carstensen, L. L. Social and Emotional Aging. The Annual Review of Psychology. 2009. 61, 383-409.


Trauma Dolls in Many Colors and Prints

The Kiwanis Club of Pearl Harbor inherited a service project started by the Kiwanis Club of West Oahu. West Oahu began making trauma dolls that would be donated to the children’s ward at local hospitals. The completion of these dolls became a service project for our members on April 3. Susie brought the sewing equipment and polyfill to stuff the dolls. It was a great meeting where members were able to work on the dolls while discussing future service projects, current events, and getting to know each other a little better.
We are putting the finishing touches on 38 dolls and they will be donated to Kaiser Permanente’s Child Life Services Dept, along with preemie beanies.
These dolls are used to explain medical procedures that pediatric patients will be receiving. The doll helps the child to better understand what’s ahead and even feel more in control.
Angelita Juan, Child Life Services Coordinator at Kaiser Permanente will be our guest speaker on June 12. Please join us to learn more about what programs they offer our Keiki.