Act Fast. Save a Life.

As the summer temperatures start to rise, so does the number of heat stroke incidents. In recognition and support of the upcoming National Heatstroke Prevention Day (July 31), take a second to learn more about the dangers of our summer’s heat from our friends at Safe Kids Worldwide – who knows… maybe you’ll find inspiration for your next Pediatric Trauma Prevention (PTP) service project!

Learn More About Pediatric Trauma


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Does Your Club Have a Summer-Fun List?

Now that summer is well on its way, has your club created a summer fun list? If your club is struggling to find some summer-fun project ideas, consider adding two things: (1) host a new pediatric trauma prevention service project for your community; and (2) apply for a Pediatric Trauma Prevention Grant (PTP) from the Foundation.

Apply for a Grant today!


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DCON 2018 Foundation Honors Breakfast – Key Note Speaker Richard Minatoya

Join us during the 2018 Foundation Honors Breakfast* and learn more about Key Note Speaker Richard Minatoya’s story as he shares how the Foundation has helped shape his life.

*Early registration deadline: July 6, 2018
*Regular registration deadline: July 27, 2018


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USS Missouri Workday with Waipahu Key Club


Our monthly workday on the USS Missouri was with the Waipahu and Pearl City Key Clubs. We cut, drilled, sanded, stamped (Vicky in photo), oiled, and refinished many teak bookmarks. We reworked many bookmarks that were rejected by our quality control crew. These were bookmarks that were finished by other groups.
We helped to put up the welcome banner for RIMPAC. The Rim of the Pacific Exercise, is the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise. RIMPAC is held biennially during June and July of even-numbered years from Honolulu, Hawaii. This year, China was excluded and the Army and Air Forces were added to the exercises.

Oahu Key Club Officer Training Conference (OTC) and DCM

Komohana and Hikina held an all-Oahu OTC on Sat June 9 at Farrington High School. The day started at 7:15a with breakfast provided by the Kiwanis Club of Honolulu. Komohana LTG Halia and Hikina LTG Lawrence planned the day’s events starting with the OTC at 8:00am. Officer workshops were interspersed Team Building activities. Lunch was provided by Alakai, Kaneohe, and Pearl Harbor. Kaneohe Kiwanian Craig Yamada took care of the food preparation! Hikina and Komohana held separate DCMs at 3:00pm. The day adjourned at 4:00pm with clean up for the library, classrooms, and cafeteria. Thank you Farrington for hosting the 2018 OTC.
Komohana welcomes the Kapolei High School Key Club. Five officers attended the OTC. Alakai will be their sponsoring Kiwanis Club and Lori Morimoto will be their Kiwanis Advisor. That brings the total of Komohana Key Clubs up to 10.

Front left: LTG Halia and Charter President Michelle.

The Adolescent Brain

Aladdin Roque-Dangaran

During this past semester at UH at Manoa I took a class in developmental psychology. One of the more interesting topics that we learned about was the development of the adolescent. Many of us work with high school key clubbers. And to many of them, we are more than just advisors or chaperones. We often create personal bonds with our students in which they trust us and we trust them. Prior to neuroscience, and even today, there was a stigma about adolescence as being a period of ‘raging hormones.’ However, we now know that the surging hormones doesn’t tell the whole story. According to Steinberg (2011), the “maturation of the brain systems responsible for thinking ahead and controlling impulses is influenced by the sorts or experiences young people have.” Because the plasticity of the brain is at its peak during adolescence, what we experience can heavily influence the way our brain matures and develops. The connections that we form with our SLP, no matter how small it may seem, to them it can mean the world. I have had many a student just sit in my office and ‘vent’ to me. And as an adult it is easy to just push them away because it may seem like they are just complaining. But for many of those students they needed to just have a release to get them through their day. And it is not because they are ‘moody,’ but because their brains are trying to cope with the world around them, and we as educators can help push their brains in the right direction.
Sternberg, L. (2011). Demystifying the Adolescent Brain. Educational Leadership.
– Aladdin Roque-Dangaran, Pres

Kiwanians – Therapy Dolls – Preemie Caps — Child Life Specialists

What do these four things have in common? LOVE! There is the love of serving, which Kiwanis shows us. There is the love in the hands that cut patterns, sew and stuff these unique therapy dolls with their different colors, fabrics and attitudes, as well as the hands that tenderly crocheted the tiny preemie caps. The Child Life Specialists exuded love in all they do for children. The Kiwanis Club of Pearl Harbor met two dedicated women, as guest speakers at our June meeting.

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