Key Clubs Promote Themselves

Hurricane Lane caused the closure of schools and delayed on-campus events such as Club Rush Day. August 30, Pearl City Key Club had their table during Club Rush and were inundated with interested students. They reached out to all grade levels, encouraging students interested in leadership and community service to sign up. Hurray for Key Club!

Alaka`i Young Professionals Host Leslie Wilcox

The Alaka`i Young Professionals (AYP) Kiwanis Club held a Special Guest Night on Tue, August 14 at the University of Hawaii with Leslie Wilcox as their guest speaker.
Leslie Wilcox, Kalani High School alumna, is the President and CEO of PHS Hawaii since 2007. Many of us are familiar with her smile and “talk story” voice when she was a news anchor and reporter.
Her career has allowed her to work with many community leaders. In her eyes, a leader is: able to simplify complex tasks, able to walk alone, willing to try something new, and has battle-hardened confidence.
Wilcox said that she is always impressed with “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Which ties directly to the Alaka`i motto “EverydAY People making a difference.”

L-R: Pres-Elect Jacob, Pres Michael, Leslie, Secretary Taryn

Komohana DCM Held Successful PTP Fundraiser

There was a small window of nice weather after the District Convention that allowed the Komohana Division to hold their monthly Key Club DCM on Sat, August 18. The DCM was hosted by the Leilehua Key Club. There was a potluck lunch immediately following the DCM. After lunch, the Key Clubbers gathered in the quadrangle behind the band room for a PTP fundraiser. Whipped cream pies and water balloons were sold. The targets were the Komohana Division Team members with LTG Halia being the first to be pied. Lots of fun was had by all who took part or just watched from the sidelines. Alaka`i Kiwanis President Michael auctioned off a full can of whipped cream to the highest bidder for $60.00.

We Dodged One Hurricane Only to Face Another

As we neared the start of CNH District Convention, we were closely watching Hurricane Hector as he made his way towards the Hawaiian Islands. Luckily, he took a turn southward and we were spared devasting winds and rains. We suffered from high humidity during the Convention but that didn’t dampen our ALOHA spirit.
As we emerged from the threat of Hurricane Hector, another hurricane came barreling towards us. Hurricane Lane, Category 5, was upon Hawaii Island delivering rain and winds causing major flooding and road closures. As Hurricane Lane headed westward, airline flights were cancelled, schools were closed, even our monthly USS Missouri workday was cancelled. As Hurricane Lane approached Oahu, he took a sharp turn southward and was downgraded to a Tropical Storm.

The Picture is Worth a Thousands Words

  Top Row, Left to Right: 1. Kaneohe enjoying the Friday Night Luau. 2. Members from Division 22.
Row 2: 1. Felix from Germany (father Eric is dual member of Literacy in Southern California and Cologne, Germany) bought his favorite snack—SPAM (also a local favorite). 2. Jan, Vanessa, and Marc working on the “no-sew” blankets in the hospitality suite. 3. Registration Table Joy (standing), Linda and John.
Row 3: 1. Members from Easter Seals, Hilo Aktion Club were ready to work at the “no-sew” blanket table. 2. Danny, Pauline, Lori, Michael, and Ernette at the Sales table were ready to greet and make a sale. 3. Danny, Kay, and Carol with First Place Newsletter banner patch.
Row 4: 1. Melissa and Past Gov Alan, Kiwanis International President Jim Rochford, Key Club District Treasurer Kara, and Key Club District Governor Jonathan learning to hula. 2. Cheryl asked Past LTG Eugene to be a delegate for the Kauai Club.

President’s Column — Fellowship, Leadership, Service

Aladdin Roque-Dangaran

While attending Washington State University, the value of giving back to the community stuck with me. During all four years of my undergrad I was a member of Circle K International. Service was a big part of me being so passionate about Circle K, but that was not the whole picture. The three tenants of Circle K are Fellowship, Leadership, and Service. It provided me with opportunities to serve the community and hold leadership roles that would boost my resume. But most importantly, Circle K provided me with a place of belonging in a state thousands of miles away from my home and family. The relationships that I made with my friends in Circle K are stronger than even some of the relationships I have with my high school friends. Circle K was a community that allowed trust and comfort to cultivate. And this brought people together through the common goal of giving back to our community.
My personal philosophy on education is that we, as educators, must create a positive student-centered classroom environment that will make learning meaningful and cultivate our students into good, THINKING human beings. Throughout my education, the teachers that I remember and the ones that had a positive impact on me all facilitated this type of classroom environment. In all of their classes I felt comfortable in; not only with the teacher, but also with my classmates. Being able to create this type of positive student-centered environment can facilitate and enhance the ability for deeper learning. Needless to say, in these classes I feel that I learned more and retained more from those classes.

98th Cal-Nev-Ha Convention in Hawaii After a 40-Year Absence

CNH District Executive Director, Mark McDonald said at the Saturday night Installation Dinner, “Let’s not wait another 40 years to return to Hawaii.”
Region 18/Division 22 welcomed K-Family members for the 98th District Convention held in Kailua-Kona on August 9-11.
Thursday’s golf tournament teed off at 7am and registration opened at 1pm.
Friday morning, the Inspirational Breakfast was hosted by East Hawaii and followed by the First General Session where Deputy Managing Director, Barbara Kossow, welcomed the attendees to Hawaii Island. The Awards Luncheon was hosted by Kahului.
Foundation Board of Director/Past Div22 LTG Richard Minatoya was the Keynote Speaker at the Saturday morning Foundation Honors Breakfast. The Inter-club Luncheon was hosted by Kailua-Kona and Past Div22 LTG Neil Yamamoto was the Keynote Speaker. There was a variety of Education Seminars as well as cultural activities such as hula dancing and ti-leaf lei making coordinated by Division 22 SLP. The “no-sew” blanket making was for all conventioneers including the Aktion Clubs from Santa Clarita and Easter Seals, Hilo.
At the Saturday Installation Dinner, Greg Peros was installed as 2018-19 Div22 LTG and Richard Minatoya as 2018-21 Region 18 Trustee. Rocci Barsotti was installed as 2018-19 CNH Governor and Tim Cumming installed as Governor-elect.
On to Las Vegas for the 99th CNH Convention, August 15-17, 2019 at the JW Marriott Las Vegas, NV.
Mahalo to Audrey and Roy Kagawa!

K-Family Working Together in Service

At the July 14 Key Club Komohana DCM hosted by Kailua High School Key Club, our K-Family was busy cleaning and painting new stripes in the school’s parking lot. Although it was forecasted to rain on our project, we were blessed with cloudy but dry skies! The Vice-Principal thanked us for a job well done!
Our USS Missouri workday on July 28 brought together not only Division 22

K-Family members, but a Kiwanis family from Germany. Eric Meurer-Eichberg, 2018-19 Vice Governor for Germany and Past LTG for Cologne, is vacationing with his family and joined us for our monthly workday. Eric, Ellen, and Felix worked with our Waipahu Key Clubbers and Pearl Harbor Kiwanians. Eric and his family will be attending our District Convention in Kailua-Kona.

Club Social Involves More than Food and Conversation

On July 3, the Kiwanis Club of Pearl Harbor held a club social at Bravo Italian Restaurant in Aiea. Club members were joined by Key Club Region 18 Advisor Joshua Chang and Circle K UH Manoa members Ace, Danielle, Nikki, and Brent. Honorary member Ruby came and graciously served as our photographer du jour.
President Aladdin livened things up with a round of Heads Up with a theme of movies. After the laughter settled down, the winning team was Ace, Carol, Brent and Nikki.
Everyone went home with at least a State of Hawaii “coat of arms” vintage pin and/or a stuffed animal. Remaining “coat of arms” pins will be taken to DCON. All remaining stuffed animals were donated to be used at the Key Club RTC Fall Rally and K-Family Dances.

President’s Column — Asking, Applying, Learning …

Aladdin Roque-Dangaran

During this past spring semester, I was working as a long-term substitute teacher at James Campbell High School. I had a full line of 9th grade physical science students. What I learned from that experience is that your mastery of the subject only accounts for a portion of your effectiveness. The effectiveness of your classroom management can be the determining factor of whether your students learn or don’t learn. And that is what I struggled the most with during my time at JCHS. Through all my previous classes, they talk about some strategies to manage your students, but it is different once you’re actually out there.
I believe that the main goal of a science teacher is to make students question the world around them and the world in themselves. My classes were much more fun for both me and my students when the students were asking about related topics or how we can apply the lesson to other concepts. Once you start asking questions, there is no limit to your knowledge. I hope to train my students so that they keep making connections and is always in wonderment. After this past semester, I have concluded that students do not like science classes because they are too accustomed to just being fed information. Science is the application of knowledge to the real world, and some students that I have talked to have trouble applying these concepts. That being said, I believe that the more interactive and hands-on learning students can participate in, the more they will learn because it becomes easier to see the applications; this is true not only for science, but for all subjects. – Aladdin Roque-Dangaran, Pres