Alaka`i Young Professionals Host Leslie Wilcox

The Alaka`i Young Professionals (AYP) Kiwanis Club held a Special Guest Night on Tue, August 14 at the University of Hawaii with Leslie Wilcox as their guest speaker.
Leslie Wilcox, Kalani High School alumna, is the President and CEO of PHS Hawaii since 2007. Many of us are familiar with her smile and “talk story” voice when she was a news anchor and reporter.
Her career has allowed her to work with many community leaders. In her eyes, a leader is: able to simplify complex tasks, able to walk alone, willing to try something new, and has battle-hardened confidence.
Wilcox said that she is always impressed with “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Which ties directly to the Alaka`i motto “EverydAY People making a difference.”

L-R: Pres-Elect Jacob, Pres Michael, Leslie, Secretary Taryn

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