“The kids are counting on us…”-Richard Minatoya

A reflection by Neil Yamamoto reposted from social media

“The kids are counting on us…”-Richard Minatoya

It is with a heavy heart, that I write this post. Yesterday afternoon, I received word that my friend, and fellow Kiwanian, Richard Minatoya passed away. Richard was a champion for children, and though he would never seek the limelight for himself, Richard worked tirelessly for many years to ensure that the Children of Hawaii, and ultimately the world would be happy, healthy, safe and loved. I remember Richard as a laid-back guy, with an almost aloof nature, and I never heard him raise his voice above an authoritative “nuff already” but that laid back nature belied a quiet intensity, that was proven to me time and again in his work as the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Maui County, his work with the Maui 442nd Veterans Club, and of course, via his work with Kiwanis.
I also write this post with a grateful heart. Grateful that I knew Richard He is the reason that I became a Lieutenant Governor, and Foundation Ambassador for Kiwanis. I am grateful always to Richard for his friendship, and his devotion to the kids.
Yes, Richard, the kids ARE counting on us, and we’ll hold your legacy high. Thank you for everything, my friend. I will miss you, and remember you in everything we do as Kiwanians for the kids.

The New Kiwanis Year Kicks Off with Focus on Children – Kiwanis 4 Kids

Kiwanis 4 Kids made its second donation to a
Title 1 elementary school. Our Waipahu Key Club
chose the Waipahu Elementary School to be the
recipient of donated items. They asked what was
most needed for their students. Schools supplies
and rubber slippers are always needed at this
particular school. The Key Club asked for
donations from their school community as well as
from Pearl Harbor Kiwanians.

Key Club President Carla (front right), VP of
Service Jasmine (front left), and Kiwanis Advisor
Carol (back row, 2nd from left) delivered the
donations to a very appreciative staff. School
Principal Aaron Tominaga (next to Carol) was
joined by office staff and counselors.

The New Kiwanis Year Kicks Off with Focus on Children – Children & Youth Day

The 25th Annual Children & Youth Day held the first Sunday in October, kicked off the new Kiwanis administrative year. All of our Oahu KFamily come out to support this free event. The Kaneohe Club had their tent ready to check in our KFamily volunteers for the day. The volunteers were then taken to their assigned posts throughout the event. Pearl Harbor partnered with the YMCA of Honolulu to provide a kite making activity for our keiki. It is always a popular hit with both children and adults.

Past president Pauline (2nd from right) from the Honolulu Kiwanis Club was in charge of the Volunteer Hospitality tent and kept all volunteers well hydrated and fed. 


2018 officers were installed on September 29 by Ltg. Governor Roy Kagawa as his last duty for the club representing Division 22. Lani Ann Miho being inducted as the incoming Vice President. She has been with the club as an active member involving in most of the projects and meetings, and she has been on the board of directors for many times (in this photo on the left, her husband Arthur is taking the honor of pinning her with her VP pin.

On the right, you have the very proud group of directors for the 2018-2019 year and they are Eric Kagawa, Les Hittner, Cecily Nago, Francis Sakai Kawada, Liz field and introducing them is President JP Field. Continue reading “INSTALLATION 2018 OFFICERS EAST HAWAII KIWANIS”