2018 officers were installed on September 29 by Ltg. Governor Roy Kagawa as his last duty for the club representing Division 22. Lani Ann Miho being inducted as the incoming Vice President. She has been with the club as an active member involving in most of the projects and meetings, and she has been on the board of directors for many times (in this photo on the left, her husband Arthur is taking the honor of pinning her with her VP pin.

On the right, you have the very proud group of directors for the 2018-2019 year and they are Eric Kagawa, Les Hittner, Cecily Nago, Francis Sakai Kawada, Liz field and introducing them is President JP Field.



On the left, we have a great dual of treasurers, Lauren Nishimoto takes care of the Administration Account and Taylor Escalona does the Activities account. And that is a lot to accounting for these 2 ladies to do.




On the right we have Audrey Kagawa who has served as secretary for a long time, after Stu Kearns. And one year she served as president and got Harold to do the minutes, and he did a fine job. Thanks to him




On the left, Ltg Roy is installing JP Field another term of Presidency, I think he did not do a good job so he needs to repeat the position. He said he happily serve the position anytime. Then he surprises Audrey with a Kiwanis International award “ The Gift of Kiwanis Award at the Silver Level” this award is presented for members who bring in a new member and give them the opportunity to have them experience the wonders of service, from Jim Roshford, President 2017- 2018 Kiwanis International Then we had the honor and privilege of inducting new member Kelsey Nakamura to our club and her sponsor is Kari Sato from the Waiakea High School Key Club as their additional advisor. She is a graduate from Waiakea High School and had been in the Key Club there for 4 years, and want to still be a part of the Kiwanis family. Thanks to Kari and Kelsey for still being a part of Kiwanis. And below, the Waiakea High School Key Clubbers were here to cheer her on and welcoming her back to the K Family.

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