K-Family Working Together in Service

At the July 14 Key Club Komohana DCM hosted by Kailua High School Key Club, our K-Family was busy cleaning and painting new stripes in the school’s parking lot. Although it was forecasted to rain on our project, we were blessed with cloudy but dry skies! The Vice-Principal thanked us for a job well done!
Our USS Missouri workday on July 28 brought together not only Division 22

K-Family members, but a Kiwanis family from Germany. Eric Meurer-Eichberg, 2018-19 Vice Governor for Germany and Past LTG for Cologne, is vacationing with his family and joined us for our monthly workday. Eric, Ellen, and Felix worked with our Waipahu Key Clubbers and Pearl Harbor Kiwanians. Eric and his family will be attending our District Convention in Kailua-Kona.

President’s Column — Asking, Applying, Learning …

Aladdin Roque-Dangaran

During this past spring semester, I was working as a long-term substitute teacher at James Campbell High School. I had a full line of 9th grade physical science students. What I learned from that experience is that your mastery of the subject only accounts for a portion of your effectiveness. The effectiveness of your classroom management can be the determining factor of whether your students learn or don’t learn. And that is what I struggled the most with during my time at JCHS. Through all my previous classes, they talk about some strategies to manage your students, but it is different once you’re actually out there.
I believe that the main goal of a science teacher is to make students question the world around them and the world in themselves. My classes were much more fun for both me and my students when the students were asking about related topics or how we can apply the lesson to other concepts. Once you start asking questions, there is no limit to your knowledge. I hope to train my students so that they keep making connections and is always in wonderment. After this past semester, I have concluded that students do not like science classes because they are too accustomed to just being fed information. Science is the application of knowledge to the real world, and some students that I have talked to have trouble applying these concepts. That being said, I believe that the more interactive and hands-on learning students can participate in, the more they will learn because it becomes easier to see the applications; this is true not only for science, but for all subjects. – Aladdin Roque-Dangaran, Pres


The 2018 CLE Training was hosted by incoming LTG Greg Peros (Maui) The CLE Trainer was current Trustee John Buck (Kahului). In attendance were Kiwanis leaders from Alaka`i Young Professionals, East Hawaii, Kahului, Kailua Kona (via Skype), Kaneohe, Maui, Pearl Harbor and Valley Isle. It was a great day of learning, networking and team building. And by the end of the day, everyone knew the meaning of each of the acronyms above.


Incoming LTG Greg shared 2018-19 International (Year of the “Ing”), District (Heart of the Hero) and Division goals. We are excited for the upcoming year.

Region 18 Trustee John will end his 3-year term on Sept 30, 2018. Current CNH Foundation Director Richard Minatoya was elected Region 18 Trustee for 2018-2021.



Past Division 22 LTG Joshua Chang set up special equipment to be able to post the CLE onto YouTube as well as engage Kailua Kona via Skype.



Greg had us thinking outside the box or perhaps “outside the tarp” with an activity that required us to flip our tarp over without touching the floor.
Current LTG Roy Kagawa held his final DCM for 2017-18. Before the DCM was over, Joel Tabangcura (Alaka`i) was elected LTG for the term 2019-2020. Joel joined the meeting via Skype to accept the nomination.
Thank you LTG Roy and Trustee John for your service to Division 22 / Region 18.

Oahu Key Club Officer Training Conference (OTC) and DCM

Komohana and Hikina held an all-Oahu OTC on Sat June 9 at Farrington High School. The day started at 7:15a with breakfast provided by the Kiwanis Club of Honolulu. Komohana LTG Halia and Hikina LTG Lawrence planned the day’s events starting with the OTC at 8:00am. Officer workshops were interspersed Team Building activities. Lunch was provided by Alakai, Kaneohe, and Pearl Harbor. Kaneohe Kiwanian Craig Yamada took care of the food preparation! Hikina and Komohana held separate DCMs at 3:00pm. The day adjourned at 4:00pm with clean up for the library, classrooms, and cafeteria. Thank you Farrington for hosting the 2018 OTC.
Komohana welcomes the Kapolei High School Key Club. Five officers attended the OTC. Alakai will be their sponsoring Kiwanis Club and Lori Morimoto will be their Kiwanis Advisor. That brings the total of Komohana Key Clubs up to 10.

Front left: LTG Halia and Charter President Michelle.