2018 HCON — Through the Eyes of Three Generations

Region 18 Division 22 HCON Happily Ever After was held March 9-11 at the Maui Beach Hotel. Here are reviews from Waipahu Senior Angela, faculty Advisor Jackie Meggs, and Kiwanis Advisor Carol Smith.

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Building Servant Leaders

Aladdin Roque-Dangaran

During the past two summers, another Leilehua band alumnus and I have organized a leadership camp for the band leaders. Some of the lessons that we emphasized during the camp were Service and Fellowship; service in the sense that because they are leaders they have a responsibility to be servants to the band. Because they are leaders, they have to sacrifice more to create a better program. The hard part was getting them to convince themselves that they need to sacrifice more: not because they have to, but because they want to. We wanted to make them feel the same passion and dedications to the program that we had and still have. And once that passion is built it will be easier to create bonds of fellowship in their program.
This is exactly what Kiwanis does for the children of the world. We are building student leaders by engaging them in community projects. We are not hand-feeding them service projects. Rather, we are getting them involved in the process–they are looking for their own projects and organizing them themselves. By engaging them at this level, we hope that they develop a sense of civic responsibility; that in order to make difference in the world, you may have to sacrifice something. But what really matters is that they willing to sacrifice their time, make donations, etc. The world needs to be filled with more people who WANT to serve and give their time to make a difference. And that is what we teach our students.

Welcome District Governor Joni and First Dude Greg

Oahu Kiwanis Clubs welcomed our CNH District Governor Joni Ackerman and First Dude Greg Ronkainen on March 6 at an Oahu Interclub held at the Aiea Public Library. Gov Joni’s theme is CALL TO ACTION, not a call to discuss. One of her goals for 2017-18 is to charter 20 new clubs in CNH. Currently, there are 14 new clubs. Gov Joni chartered the Redondo Beach Kiwanis Club in January 2018. She encouraged clubs to hold a New Member Guest Day as a means of introducing Kiwanis to the community as well as increase membership in your club. Another goal is to see the CNH membership be +100 on September 30, 2018. Gov Joni is a graduate of the Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve School of Law. First Dude Greg Ronkainen is a member and past president of the Hermosa Beach Kiwanis. His theme is CALL TO AKTION and has personally sponsored three Aktion Clubs in Division 19. His focus is on assisting Kiwanis clubs build more Aktion clubs in Cal-Nev-Ha, encouraging more Aktion club members to attend their convention, and finding ways that encourage greater interaction between Kiwanis, Circle K and Aktion Clubs. Aktion Club is the only service club for adults with disabilities, with more than 12,000 members worldwide. Greg grew up in California and is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Key Club Region 18 Region Training Conference

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CNH Governor Pete Edwards and First Lady visit Oahu

Back: Aladdin, Craig, Jacob, Lori, Josh, Michael, Trustee John, Kay. Front: LTG-Elect Keith, FL Jeannette, Gov Pete, LTG Audrey, Susie, Judy


CNH Governor Pete conducted his Official Visits to Division 22 March 22-March 30. He started on the island of Maui and met with Kahului, Maui, and the Valley Isle Kiwanis Clubs. Then on to Kauai to meet with K-Family there, before flying to Oahu.

On Saturday, Governor and First Lady Jeannette were on board the USS Missouri for the Pearl Harbor Kiwanis’ monthly workday. Gov Pete was on the sanding crew while First Lady Jeannette was on the varnishing crew.  Immediately following the service project, the Oahu K-Family held a luncheon for the Governor’s official visit with Alaka’i, Honolulu, Kaneohe and Pearl Harbor Kiwanis Clubs and the LTG-Elects for Komohana and Hikina Key Club. Aladdin was our emcee, Pauline gave the Pledge, Eugene led us in God Bless America, and Susie delivered an invocation.

First Lady Jeannette shared her Breakfast Programs in Title 1 Schools. She stressed the importance of children to have breakfast so that they are present and ready to learn.

Gov Pete reiterated the goals of the District and importance of building good leadership within the clubs for sustainability of the service that we provide.

Trustee John presented Gov Pete with his authored book “I Got a Cat.” He may write a future book entitled “I Got Kiwanis.”

Foundation Ambassador Neil presented the Gov with a teak plaque surrounding a USS Missouri coin and a dog tag engraved with the Gov’s term of office.

Gov Pete presented Key Club LTG-Elect Keith (Komohana) and Erica (Hikina) with his District pin.

We enjoyed the dessert which proudly displayed the Governor’s logo—a Cornish pixie sitting on a toadstool which symbolizes good luck. It was delicious and we all had a big slice of Good Luck.

The Governor and First Lady traveled on to Hawaii Island after their Oahu visit. There, they will meet with the Kailua-Kona and East Hawaii Clubs. The Governor and Mark McDonald will also meet with the Sheraton to begin planning for the 2018 DCON.

The Gov and Jeannette will return to San Jose on March 30. We know that they had a grand time in Hawaii surrounded by the Aloha Spirit. We wish them a safe trip home.

Pulling a Fire Dragon – 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival

The 23rd Honolulu Festival March 10-12.

This annual event was supported by Kiwanis Division 22 and Key Club Divisions Hikina and Komohana. Waipahu and Aiea Key Clubbers with Judy, Carol and Pikachu.





On Sunday, Kalani, Punahou, Roosevelt, and St Louis Key Clubs and Circle K UH Manoa helped with the Air Dragon.

Pearl City Key Clubbers carried placards identifying the participating groups in the huge parade.