The New Kiwanis Year Kicks Off with Focus on Children – Kiwanis 4 Kids

Kiwanis 4 Kids made its second donation to a
Title 1 elementary school. Our Waipahu Key Club
chose the Waipahu Elementary School to be the
recipient of donated items. They asked what was
most needed for their students. Schools supplies
and rubber slippers are always needed at this
particular school. The Key Club asked for
donations from their school community as well as
from Pearl Harbor Kiwanians.

Key Club President Carla (front right), VP of
Service Jasmine (front left), and Kiwanis Advisor
Carol (back row, 2nd from left) delivered the
donations to a very appreciative staff. School
Principal Aaron Tominaga (next to Carol) was
joined by office staff and counselors.

The New Kiwanis Year Kicks Off with Focus on Children – Children & Youth Day

The 25th Annual Children & Youth Day held the first Sunday in October, kicked off the new Kiwanis administrative year. All of our Oahu KFamily come out to support this free event. The Kaneohe Club had their tent ready to check in our KFamily volunteers for the day. The volunteers were then taken to their assigned posts throughout the event. Pearl Harbor partnered with the YMCA of Honolulu to provide a kite making activity for our keiki. It is always a popular hit with both children and adults.

Past president Pauline (2nd from right) from the Honolulu Kiwanis Club was in charge of the Volunteer Hospitality tent and kept all volunteers well hydrated and fed. 

Kaneohe Kiwanis Club Installation

We interclubbed with the Kaneohe Kiwanis Club at their Installation Banquet on Thu, September 27 at the Kailua Hongwanji. The Kaneohe Club honored their SLPs at King Intermediate, Castle, Kailua and McKinley High Schools. They presented Phil McInnis with a DSA for his dedication to the K-Family Dance. They inducted “new” member Linda Squeo who has permanently relocated to Hawaii from California. And welcome to the “J-Club” of first time presidents — Joy, Jacob and Judy. Best wishes for a great 2018-19 Kiwanis year.

Safe Communities

Safe Communities held its annual event at the Pearlridge Shopping Center on Sat, September 28. We partnered with the YMCA of Honolulu and provided a make-and-take activity that focused on healthy eating habits and alternatives with an emphasis on sugar and salt. The Pearl City Key Club worked with the keiki (and adults) on making the “fortune tellers.” We were even on the KFVE news that night!

USS Missouri Workday

Our monthly USS Missouri Workday was held on Sat September 29. The Aiea Key Club joined us on board the Mighty Mo as we made more teak bookmarks and performed light housekeeping such as sweeping the deck. The day was very hot and humid. Thus, the ice cream surprise at the end of our community service was a welcomed treat!

Tenrikyo Mini Bazaar

Tenrikyo Mini Bazaar was rescheduled for September 3 due to Hurricane Lane. Judy and Kay helped at the Baked Goods Table. Freshly made delicacies were sold such as andagi, ohagi, brownies, butter mochi, party mix, cookies, breads, and lilikoi butter. There were plant, clothing, huli huli chicken and much more on sale. The Tenrikyo church generously donated children’s shoes for our Kiwanis 4 Kids project.

The Annual Okinawan Festival

The Annual Okinawan Festival was held on September 2 at the Hawaii Convention Center this year. It was a much different venue from Kapiolani Park. Because it was indoors and airconditioned, there was no need for the Hydration Team. Instead, we shared children’s mini golf, face painting, and children’s games with the Leilehua Leo Club and the Pearl City Key Club. The mini-golf was a tough course!

President’s Column — The True Meaning of K-Family

Aladdin Roque-Dangaran

Being my last article as President of the Kiwanis Club of Pearl Harbor, I just wanted to share some things that I have learned as a member of Kiwanis. My involvement with Kiwanis began at Leilehua High School where I joined Key Club. While attending Washington State University I joined Circle K and became club treasurer for two years, then went on to serve as the PNW (Pacific Northwest) District Treasurer during my last year. During my years in CKI, aside from our advisors (who were, and are awesome), I can honestly say that the involvement and relations with our Kiwanis clubs are nothing compared to the connections that the Kiwanis clubs in Hawaii have with their kids, and with each other. Kiwanis International is always talking about the K-Family, but because of the culture of Hawaii, we truly are an Ohana. We never look at our Key Clubs and CKI clubs as “just another expense.” And it is this type of relationship and support that I decided to stay in the K-Family after I graduated from WSU, and also why I am still a Kiwanian.


Mahalo to Aladdin for serving two consecutive years as our club president. He has generously donated his President’s gift to the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation to be used for their year-end celebration.

Our Kiwanis Year Ends with Great Activities for Youth

Region 18 RTC was held Sept 1-2 at Iolani School. Mililani Key Club President Lina shares her thoughts:
“RTC was a great opportunity for both me and my officers to meet new Key Clubbers in our region and acquire not only leadership skills but also valuable life-long skills that we can apply to our lives in the future. This year was my officers’ first time attending RTC and they all have told me that it was a wonderful experience for them to really come face to face with what Key Club is and bond with Key Clubbers from other divisions. I can really see that it has made a significant impact on each and every one of them. We were able to learn more about each other and grow closer together through all the laughs and fun times that we shared at RTC. By being exposed to many different schools in our region, we felt a strong connection that we were all united as one team who were here to help to serve our home, school, and community. Mililani was also given the opportunity to facilitate 3 of the 4 workshops in our division. This rare experience offered us the chance to strengthen our public speaking skills as well as engaging and interacting with Key Clubbers in our region. Overall, I would say that RTC was definitely one of the most fun and memorable times I’ve had throughout my years in high school and I would love to relive that experience again if I could.”  – Lina, Mililani President

Above: Mililani Key Club 2018-19 officers at RTC. Also at RTC was the Waipahu Key Club. RTC coordinator was Hollie from Waipahu.

Key Clubs Promote Themselves

Hurricane Lane caused the closure of schools and delayed on-campus events such as Club Rush Day. August 30, Pearl City Key Club had their table during Club Rush and were inundated with interested students. They reached out to all grade levels, encouraging students interested in leadership and community service to sign up. Hurray for Key Club!